A Walk Along False Creek || Vancouver Family Photos

When I first met Johnny and Kelly about 6 years ago they declared themselves, “Just friends.” We all knew better. Meet Johnny and Kelly and their sweet little girl. Kelly and Johnny love the city and hoped for photos that echoed their love for it. Photographing this family was easy, they were so relaxed and ready for anything. Even baby L was on board with our adventure. Johnny and Kelly have entered into parenthood with a calm grace. Baby L is a blessed little one. 281A0296.jpg 281A0299.jpg 281A0307.jpg 281A0321.jpg 281A0362.jpg 281A0381.jpg 281A0385.jpg 281A0405.jpg 281A0426.jpg 281A0432.jpg 281A0458.jpg 281A0464.jpg 281A0494.jpg 281A0528-Edit.jpg 281A0535.jpg 281A0548.jpg 281A0597-Edit.jpg 281A0628.jpg 281A0638.jpg

Much Gratitude to Michelle from The VanElles for her lovely knit pouf to Joey from Joey Armstrong Photography for all her help and to False Creek Ferries for the amazing ride along False Creek. The sites don’t get any better than the view from the water.

Mari + Alex: A Hawaiian Destination Wedding

Meet Marilynn and Alex, two of my favourite people! Their first date was an impromptu meet at Starbucks/Chapters. They were supposed to have another more planned out first date, but both we eager, and after all - it was Valentines Day. Must have been a good date, since four short months later, she had a beautiful ring on her finger! Mari dreamed of a wedding near the beach, so a beach wedding Alex gave her. They wed in the late afternoon (after a casual day of playing in the pool!) on the lawn of The Royal Lahaina Resort in Maui overlooking the sand and the Pacific. Her Groom walked her down the isle to calm her nerves. The perfect gesture. The sun shone and the skies were blue. Her son the ring bear, her mom - maid of honour, his dad the Officiant. And then suddenly, they were Mr and Mrs. Toews. 2013-11-19_0001.jpg 2013-11-19_0002.jpg 2013-11-19_0003.jpg 2013-11-19_0005.jpg 2013-11-19_0006.jpg 2013-11-19_0009.jpg 2013-11-19_0008.jpg 2013-11-19_0010.jpg 2013-11-19_0012.jpg 2013-11-19_0013.jpg 2013-11-19_0014.jpg 2013-11-19_0017.jpg 2013-11-19_0018.jpg 2013-11-19_0019.jpg 2013-11-19_0020.jpg 2013-11-19_0021.jpg 2013-11-19_0022.jpg 2013-11-19_0023.jpg 2013-11-19_0024.jpg 2013-11-19_0025.jpg 2013-11-19_0026.jpg 2013-11-19_0027.jpg