Holland Park Family Portraits

Mini Session Surrey, BC

I recently had my own family portraits done by a photographer friend of mine and she had the best trick to get babies and toddlers to look at the camera, or stop crying. It’s pretty genius, though I can’t be certain I am coordinated enough to follow suit. She blew up a balloon while taking photos and walking backwards… that’s talent AND genius. I might just try this myself, though I am a little nervous all that multitasking might result in broken limbs. What I recommend and use on my own kids has also proven quite affective — good old fashioned MCDONALD’S french fries. They are safe from food allergies (gluten free), they are delicious, mostly mess free and they are typically a crowd favourite. So now you know my secret. It’s all about the french fries.

French fries + toddlers = smiles :)

Win Win.