Camping in Oregon with a Toddler

We were warned. My dad told us not to go camping with a toddler. But we didn’t listen. We went camping anyways. And while we had fun, afterwards, we needed a HOLIDAY - so what did we do, we went on a road trip - with a toddler. YEP we are crazy, but honestly, we had the best two weeks, saw some of our very favourite people, played in the sand, drank lots of tea, and took in the sights. Then we went home and slept for days. Or something like that.

So where did we go? What did we do? First stop Oregon Coast…. well the first stop was off the 1-5 after Jason drove over a tire and partially ripped some metal sheet off the bottom of our car. Google told us it would take 6hrs and 45 mins to get to Barview Jetty Park…. google lied. We new some time would be added with a toddler on board but it was 10 plus hours before we arrived in the dark and the pouring rain with a toddler who was scared of the tent. We begrudgingly let him sleep with us and of course when you sleep with a bed hog toddler on an old air mattress with a tall husband there is not a lot of sleeping room or comfort. We woke up to wind and rain, thankful for a tarp overhead our very holey tent. We spent the day at the Bayview Jetty Beach and drove into Rockaway for a delicious coffee break. We napped and drank tea and sat around the fire. It sounds so relaxing doesn’t it? Well except for teaching our toddler to stay away from the fire pit and to stop running out of the campsite. Except for that. :D The following day we had sunshine. Glorious sunshine, so we packed up and drove to Cannon Beach, toured around, went for lunch and explored the big rock formations. It was a great day! Enroute home the next day we stopped at Rockaway Beach and got some great family photos. Just don’t zoom in because Jason is blinking! I loved the photo too much to ditch it. So now we have a blinking family photo. Welcome to parenthood :) oregoncoast-3.jpg oregoncoast-7.jpg oregoncoast-9.jpg oregoncoast-11.jpg oregoncoast-12.jpg oregoncoast-13.jpg oregoncoast-14.jpg oregoncoast-16.jpg oregoncoast-18.jpg oregoncoast-20.jpg oregoncoast-22.jpg oregoncoast-23.jpg oregoncoast-25.jpg oregoncoast-27.jpg oregoncoast-28.jpg