Four Friends, Four Moms, Four Babies: Langley Maternity Photography

Being pregnant is a blessing, but it can also be very challenging. What a beautiful thing it is, when you get to have a friend to share it with. Well these lovely ladies each had three friends. As the seasons changed we documented them together, before each birth, and again once all the babies were born. As you might notice, the order changed at the end and we are missing a photo because dear little baby M decided to join us early and baby A decided (much to his momma's dismay) to come really late. Thus the last two babies entered this world only days apart. What a celebration. Four babies in almost four months. Welcome to the world you beautiful babies. I just know you'll all be friends.

fourmaternity_01.jpg fourmaternity_02.jpg fourmaternity_03.jpg fourmaternity_04.jpg fourmaternity_05.jpg fourmaternity_06.jpg fourmaternity_07.jpg fourmaternity_08.jpg fourmaternity_09.jpg fourmaternity_10.jpg