The other day after a one year old photo shoot, I asked my assistant if she would like a juice box. I grabbed her juice from the back seat of the car, and as she said, "you're such a mom." I was proceeding to remove the wrapper off her straw... Needless to say, I stopped, and let her finish her own straw. We laughed about it and went on our way. But weeks later, I realize how much of a defining moment that was, how fast I became a mother. How seamlessly, Joshua has fit into our lives. yearone_03.jpg

From the moment he was placed into my arms, I couldn't imagine it any other way. I can no longer watch or hear about sad stories involving kids or babies, without wanting to burst into tears. Motherhood. It only takes a moment to become a mother. One. Tiny. Moment.


Joshua brings so much laughter and joy into our world. He is already an adventurer. He will climb anything he can, and try to climb everything he can't. He never stops trying - or moving! He is always waiting for us with a smile. He could be crying and crying, but we know the tears will dry faster than we can think and out comes his little cheeky grin. The cheekiness is ALL McLeod. (Thanks, Dad) The other day we were hanging out at the Watershed Cafe and he was hamming it up with the lady sitting behind Jason. She turned and said with a bright eyed smile, "you need to make 5 more of him!" Well maybe not 5 more! But first, we need to teach him to share!


Photo Credit: Jason Preston