PERSONAL: Waiting for Baby


I feel so creative right now, as I sit here in my final week - hopefully not three - of pregnancy. I can’t shoot and it’s driving me insane. My camera is so neglected. I tweaked my back a few weeks ago which translates into a lot of I hobbling and waddling - it’s quite the hilarious sight! While sitting here, pondering my need to shoot, I plan. I don’t know what life will look like with a baby, but I sure hope it looks like a baby strapped to me with my camera in hand. I hope I get that luxury of little energy bursts and inspiration. I hope i hope i hope. I NEED to shoot. Really, really, really. That said, I hope to post more on future adventures. Adventures with baby!


It’s been a quiet 9 months around here; pregnancy, though an amazing blessing, really knocked me off my game. I can’t remember ever being so tired and sleepless - for such a long period of time! We are down to the wire now. Five days until baby Preston is due. FIVE. How did we get here!? It’s amazing how time sometimes felt at standstill and now, we are here. I can’t wait to meet our little one. There is already so much joy in anticipation. The kicks, the movements are so beautiful. They make it so real. How can this be real. It’s hard to believe in a matter of days we’ll go from me and Jason - to a family of three.


Photos from our trip to California last spring.