We Are Celebrating

This post, it’s a little bit personal, but it’s beautiful to me. In February, my husband Jason and I will be parents. I’m about 5 months pregnant. It’s a very exciting time of our lives. We have been waiting for this for awhile now and can’t wait for the little one to arrive. We celebrating, revelling in this amazing gift, God has given. We know parenthood will come with challenges, as does pregnancy. But, we also know that parenthood is a blessing. It is our hope to always remember that, even through the challenges. I never thought I’d start parenting at 35, but I am incredibly thankful for all the things I have done over the last 15 years. Some of my friends, their kids are teenagers now. Soon their kids will be off to college. Now as a mom-to-be, that’s hard to grasp, but I am excited for the different kind of adventures they will have, too. It’s beautiful how the timing doesn’t seem to matter. We were all supposed to be mothers when the time was right. We all have a unique and beautiful path. I am so grateful for the lessons and parenting skills I have learned over the years just being with my mommy friends. I love that we have this plethora of people who are so excited for us, so eager to give us advice. To celebrate with us as we embark on this new way of life. 2014-09-23_0004