A Nanoose Bay Beach Wedding || Andrea and Jay

Andrea and Jay have a beautiful love, an electric chemistry. Their wedding day was perfectly them. Down to earth, relaxed and stress free, ending with a swim in the ocean, drinks with their dearest friends and family, and of course a Harley ride, or two. 2014-09-03_0001.jpg 2014-09-03_0002.jpg

Andrea grew up going to this beach, this cottage. She spent weekends here as a teen and then as an adult. It was her dream to be married in this place, that held so many precious memories. Her grandparents owned it at one time and now it’s a family property shared amongst her mom’s siblings. When Jay proposed they didn’t have to search venues. All they needed was a tent in case of rain. But the weather was on their side. It was a beautiful sunny day that Saturday, with the perfect amount of cloud cover to make the ceremony light perfect.

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The moment she started down the isle with her arm linked in her dad’s took my breath away, it was hard to maintain composure as I fought to fight back my tears of joy. Andrea’s dad worked hard to be able walk her down the isle. After over a decade of suffering from Parkinson’s, his ability to do so was difficult, but as the months and weeks led up to Andrea and Jay’s big day, he worked with a trainer so he could have the joy of walking his only daughter down the isle.

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Congratulations, Andrea and Jay. Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your day. To celebrate with you. You two, are beautiful.

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