A Photographer Study

2014-02-28_0001.jpg How else do we learn and grow, but by studying, doing, living. My husband recently asked what I was doing for professional development. And then he promptly gave me an assignment. Study photographers. Famous ones and not just current famous ones. (My husband is a teacher. Can you tell ;) ). One photographer per week and then try and mimic something in their work. As he talked, I got so excited. I LOVE projects! This is how we grow. We stretch ourselves by jumping out of our normal patterns. Seeing new patterns and creating something new, using inspiration. As much as we like to think this, our ideas are never truly our own. Everything that we do, have done is because we saw, heard, felt, touched or smelt something that peaked our interest. We get inspired and recreate and shape it into what we hope is uniquely ours. So this is my current journey. To look back at the work of some of the greats. To try and replicate pieces of their greatness, to learn how to stretch my work into something unique. Stay tuned for images from this project. 2014-02-28_0002.jpg