The Barretts: Derby Reach Heritage Area || Family Portraits

Meet the Barretts. You know what I adore about this little family? They are not afraid of a little fun, a little spontaneity and a little romance. They love and smile big, A beautiful reflection of the faith they live by, they don't just love Jesus. They live it. You don't see them complain when life throws them curve balls - you see them learn from each experience. They don't just live life, they embrace it. When my husband and I first met them, they told us we seemed like a seasoned couple. But the truth is, that's what we see in them. A true team and now a precious family.2014-01-30_0003.jpg 2014-01-30_0001.jpg 2014-01-30_0002.jpg 2014-01-30_0004.jpg 2014-01-30_0005.jpg 2014-01-30_0006.jpg 2014-01-30_0007.jpg 2014-01-30_0008.jpg