In Loving Memory: Fish Trap Creek Park Family Photos

I was worried about this shoot, I thought it would be hard. I prepared for the unexpected because in just a few short hours, this precious family would go to church, where they would say goodbye to someone they loved. They would celebrate the life he lived and who he meant to all of them. For Marilyn (Mom and Grandma), this person was her husband, Alan. She was one of the first ones to arrive at Fish Trap Creek Park, and she told me that this was the place her and Alan walked often. She looked wistful as she reminisced these times. It was a happy place for her. Hannah (to whom Alan was called Poppy) shared that nature was his place to connect with people, with his family. It was a place he loved to be. As my assistant and I arrived at Fish Trap the rain was out in full force, but as we prepped and scouted the area, the clouds started to part and by the time the whole family arrived, the sun shone. It was like a little gift to a family who needed a little something special to get them through a tough day. As hard as I thought this shoot would be, it wasn't. There was laughter, there was family, and there was sunshine. It was a beautiful time spent to honour a man they all loved and cherished.

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