Matt and Melissa: A Brooklyn Wedding

Matt and Melissa met at two weddings of two mutual friends. Then finally, Matt came to NYC, so they could have their first date. There was a blip though, by this time, Matt had moved to China for business. Despite the blip, six weeks after their first date, Melissa was hooked. Melissa, the girl who was never ever going to live anywhere but NYC, was falling for a man in China. Shortly after this realization, she moved to China for what she describes as a brief "love sabbatical." It was her way of seeing if he was the one. At the end of her two m,onth stay, Matt took her to Yu Gardens in Shanghai and got down on one knee to pop the big question. And so, in Melissa fashion she flew home to NYC and planned a NYC wedding in less than three months. Not only did she plan a wedding in 3 months, but she planned it well and without spending an arm and a leg, which lets face it - that's hard to do in NYC.

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Photography: Sherri Preston Photography Second Shooter: Iqral La Rode Photography Venue: The Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture Shoes: Bloch Ballet shoes Dress: Louhu Commercial City in Shenzhen, China Catering: Bassett Caterers