Ian + Jenny: A Wedding in Sechelt BC

Ian and Jenny were best friends first. Then one night they kissed. Both went home, thinking nothing of it, this continued for a little longer until finally they admitted to each other that maybe they were more than best friends. Ian and Jenny are all about the fun. They often throw themed parties and when that's not happening they like to dance the nights away. 2013-12-19_0093.jpg 2013-12-19_0094.jpg 2013-12-19_0096.jpg 2013-12-19_0097.jpg 2013-12-19_0098.jpg 2013-12-19_0095.jpg 2013-12-19_0099.jpg 2013-12-19_0100.jpg 2013-12-19_0101.jpg 2013-12-19_0102.jpg 2013-12-19_0103.jpg

Photography: Sherri Preston Photography Second Shooter: Jason Preston Photography Venue: Lindwood House Ministries