Greg and Joann: A NYC Wedding at All Angels Church

Meet Greg and Joann Phelan - the second. Funny fact: Greg's parents are also Greg and Joann. This gorgeous couple met at a college retreat in Connecticut. After graduation with just a few weeks between them they both moved to NYC . Of all the places they could live in the city, they ended up across the street from one another. For Greg it was basically love at first sight, but It took Joann a little longer, to come around! Greg never gave up and thankfully they had so many mutual friends in the city that "chance" meetings happened often. About a year and a half after their move into the city, Joann suddenly realized something. After all the time she spent trying to avoid Greg's attention, she realized she actually wanted it. The following winter the two traveled to see Joann's parents in Taipei and it was there Greg got down on one knee. And now, they are living their happily ever after.2013-12-19_0030.jpg 2013-12-19_0029.jpg 2013-12-19_0015.jpg 2013-12-19_0016.jpg 2013-12-19_0017.jpg 2013-12-19_0018.jpg 2013-12-19_0019.jpg 2013-12-19_0020.jpg 2013-12-19_0021.jpg 2013-12-19_0022.jpg 2013-12-19_0023.jpg 2013-12-19_0024.jpg 2013-12-19_0026.jpg 2013-12-19_0027.jpg 2013-12-19_0028.jpg 2013-12-19_0025.jpg

Photography: Sherri Preston Photography Second Shooter: Iqral La Rode Photography Ceremony: All Angels' Church Reception: Terrace in the Sky Catering: Terrace in the Sky Cake: Make My Cake