Christoph + Mary: A NYC Wedding

Mary and Christoph left their home countries to serve in their professional capacities in Phnom Pen, Cambodia. One night their paths crossed unbeknownst to them, that two years later they would marry. Mary hails from the bustling metropolis of NYC and Christoph from the beauty of Basel, Switzerland. Upon their first meeting they thought nothing of the other except a new friend. Well that changed almost immediately for Christoph and then Mary after much pursuing followed. They were engaged on their one year anniversary on the balcony of Christoph's apartment under the stars drinking wine. The same balcony where they first decided to date. 2013-12-19_0081.jpg 2013-12-19_0082.jpg 2013-12-19_0083.jpg 2013-12-19_0084.jpg 2013-12-19_0085.jpg 2013-12-19_0086.jpg 2013-12-19_0087.jpg 2013-12-19_0088.jpg 2013-12-19_0089.jpg 2013-12-19_0090.jpg 2013-12-19_0091.jpg 2013-12-19_0092.jpg

Photography: Sherri Preston Photography Venue: All Angels Church