Fernridge Christmas Tree Forest || Langley Christmas Mini Sessions

I feel like I should be apologizing to you, as I sit here writing about Christmas - in October. But I’m not really sorry.! I love Christmas time! The season leading up to Christmas is my favourite, and truth be told I’m already watching Christmas Hallmark movies! It doesn’t help that I am continually walking past their sets, in Downtown Langley, Downtown Abbotsford and in Fort Langley. I absolutely love it when Hallmark films Christmas movies in July! With each movie, I’m one step closer to turning on the Christmas music! Sorry not sorry. Anyways, I guess this tangent should end and I should tell you the true purpose of this blog post. I am so excited for this years Christmas Tree Mini Sessions. I

The details: Mini-sessions will take place at Fernridge Christmas Tree Forest in Langley. Your session fee of $175 covers a 20 minute session & 10 digital photos. Current Booking dates are November 2nd and November 9th. More dates can be made available by special request.

Props: A few props will be made available such as a The Vanelles chunky knit blanket, a cozy Jax and Lennon blanket, and a few Christmas tree decorations. Feel free to bring your own special props. Maybe the star for your tree, or a decoration that represents a tradition in your family.

Book Now: For bookings please fill out the contact form or give me a call 778.223.9329.

Holland Park Family Portraits

Mini Session Surrey, BC

I recently had my own family portraits done by a photographer friend of mine and she had the best trick to get babies and toddlers to look at the camera, or stop crying. It’s pretty genius, though I can’t be certain I am coordinated enough to follow suit. She blew up a balloon while taking photos and walking backwards… that’s talent AND genius. I might just try this myself, though I am a little nervous all that multitasking might result in broken limbs. What I recommend and use on my own kids has also proven quite affective — good old fashioned MCDONALD’S french fries. They are safe from food allergies (gluten free), they are delicious, mostly mess free and they are typically a crowd favourite. So now you know my secret. It’s all about the french fries.

French fries + toddlers = smiles :)

Win Win.

Christmas Mini Sessions || Lifestyle Session

Mini Session Booking is Live!


The details: Mini-sessions will take place on location in Langley, Abbotsford, Surrey or another location in the lower mainland. Your session fee of $250 covers a 20 minute session, 5 digital photos. There is no family size limit. This promotion runs until Dec 21, 2018. A donation from each session will be made to The Surrey Christmas Bureau to help a family in need for Christmas.

Holiday Family Photos New Westminister

Holiday Family Photos New Westminister

Tree Farm Langley

Tree Farm Langley

Newborn In Home Lifestyle Session - Adoption

The Gift of Love.

It's only been a week and as you can see Baby A's parents adore her as if they spent 9 months carrying her. Their journey may have been different, but the love is just the same. They got to meet a birth Mom who needed them, who choose them. The butterflies in your stomach as they prepared to adopt, the worries and fears and anticipation and joy, it's all the same. This beautiful girl is celebrated. She is as much of a gift to her parents and they are to her. Adoption is love. Welcome to the world Baby A. 

Fall Mini Sessions || Langley BC

Who else is ready for fall leaves and cooler nights......Pumpkin spice lattes and warm knit sweaters? Sounds lovely doesn’t it? Fall is such a gorgeous time of year. Each year as August comes to an end, I am eagerly awaiting all of these things. Some of them just can’t come fast enough!


In promotion of this fabulous season, that is just around the corner. Sherri Preston Photography invites you to be part of our favourite mini sessions of the year. We have 12 spots available over three different dates.

20 min session includes: 3 digital images (printable to 8x12) and 1 5x7 Print OR 3 8x12 Prints

Sessions fee is $225. A $50 non-refundable retainer is required to hold your spot. The retainer will be used towards the session fee.

Dates Available: September 8, 16 and October 14

Are you ready to book? Drop me a line or reply to this email.

778.223.9329 sherriphotos@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you!

Sherri Preston

Camping in Oregon with a Toddler

We were warned. My dad told us not to go camping with a toddler. But we didn’t listen. We went camping anyways. And while we had fun, afterwards, we needed a HOLIDAY - so what did we do, we went on a road trip - with a toddler. YEP we are crazy, but honestly, we had the best two weeks, saw some of our very favourite people, played in the sand, drank lots of tea, and took in the sights. Then we went home and slept for days. Or something like that.

So where did we go? What did we do? First stop Oregon Coast…. well the first stop was off the 1-5 after Jason drove over a tire and partially ripped some metal sheet off the bottom of our car. Google told us it would take 6hrs and 45 mins to get to Barview Jetty Park…. google lied. We new some time would be added with a toddler on board but it was 10 plus hours before we arrived in the dark and the pouring rain with a toddler who was scared of the tent. We begrudgingly let him sleep with us and of course when you sleep with a bed hog toddler on an old air mattress with a tall husband there is not a lot of sleeping room or comfort. We woke up to wind and rain, thankful for a tarp overhead our very holey tent. We spent the day at the Bayview Jetty Beach and drove into Rockaway for a delicious coffee break. We napped and drank tea and sat around the fire. It sounds so relaxing doesn’t it? Well except for teaching our toddler to stay away from the fire pit and to stop running out of the campsite. Except for that. :D The following day we had sunshine. Glorious sunshine, so we packed up and drove to Cannon Beach, toured around, went for lunch and explored the big rock formations. It was a great day! Enroute home the next day we stopped at Rockaway Beach and got some great family photos. Just don’t zoom in because Jason is blinking! I loved the photo too much to ditch it. So now we have a blinking family photo. Welcome to parenthood :) oregoncoast-3.jpg oregoncoast-7.jpg oregoncoast-9.jpg oregoncoast-11.jpg oregoncoast-12.jpg oregoncoast-13.jpg oregoncoast-14.jpg oregoncoast-16.jpg oregoncoast-18.jpg oregoncoast-20.jpg oregoncoast-22.jpg oregoncoast-23.jpg oregoncoast-25.jpg oregoncoast-27.jpg oregoncoast-28.jpg


What to Expect and What to Wear for Your Outdoor Photo Session


1. Lots of fun and laughter. Our goal is to get you laughing. Laughing photos are my favourite.

2. We shoot rain, shine, cloudy or snowy. As long as it’s safe, we will photograph you. Some of the best sessions happen in the craziest weather. How can you not laugh at the torrential downpour in the midst of sunshine. With the constant changing elements, we’ve learned to make it great in all conditions. Don’t worry I don’t mind running for cover or having my assistants hold umbrellas over your head. 281A0191.jpg

3. There might be puddles and there might be puddle jumping.

4. If the sun is in your eyes we can work with that! 281A0171.jpg

5. If you really really do not want a rainy day session…. please tell me and I will do my best to accommodate. Last minute cancellations will have a fee.


A) If you wear really busy patterns, people will see the patterns before you face.

B) Co-ordinate your wardrobes so they compliment each other. 281A0432.jpg

C) Bring an umbrella and or a raincoat. This is rainy country!

D) Bring secondary shoes in case of lots of walking, climbing or puddle jumping

E) White can wash out many skin tones. If you wear white, consider adding a colourful accessory to your outfit.

F) We love props. Do you have things you love as a family that you want to include? Bring it! 281A9876-Edit-Edit.jpg

G) The Vanelles are our merchant for props and knits for our newborns and toddlers. If you have something in mind let me know and do our best to make it happen! Fees may apply.



Remember these are just my suggestions from my experiences. You can do whatever you want!

Maternity Styled Shoot || Granville Island

A year and a half ago I had a baby, and as I changed and joyfully walked blindly into the newness of motherhood, I knew my business had to change with me. I was different - the miracle of pregnancy and child raising let me enter an exclusive club of motherhood - I didn’t even know existed. I still can’t even comprehend that in one moment my baby was in womb and then he was out. There are no words to describe it. Instead of speaking the words that are amiss - I photograph life. Babies, newborns, families and expectant moms (and dads) - both adoptive and biological. That is my business. The miracle of life. When I planned this shoot a year ago, I knew I wanted Claire to be my Momma-to-be - her natural beauty and gorgeous eyes and incredible joy and excitement to enter motherhood were the perfect combination. As long as I have known Claire, she has wanted a family. Before motherhood she was a fierce businesswoman (award-winning kitchen designer extraordinaire), and now she has taken on the role of Motherhood with grace. Claire is a playful, take life and run with it kind of girl. She also loves things to look beautiful; I wanted her playfulness and her love for beauty to shine amongst her beautiful baby belly. So enter Claire and her precious soon-to-be-born baby girl (now almost one year old), to the playful and colourful Granville Island, a gem in the heart of Vancouver overlooking False Creek and the Burrard Street Bridge.

Granville Island Maternity PhotographyGranville Island Maternity PhotographyGranville Island Maternity PhotographyGranville Island Maternity PhotographyGranville Island Maternity PhotographyGranville Island Maternity PhotographyGranville Island Maternity Photography281A0130281A0128-2281A0124281A0112-2281A0083-2281A0076281A0068281A0050-2281A0042Granville Island Maternity Photography281A0130281A0128-2281A0124281A0118-2281A0112-2281A0084

Much Gratitude fo Jayme at A Unique Botique for her ever lovely florals. Your floral crowns were lovely. To Sarah from Killenink for her amazing make up artistry. She's got talent folks. To Courtney for holding my relflector and coming along for the ride. Thank you to Granville Island for being the perfect venue, over and over. And of course thank you Claire for being the most cooperative and beautiful Momma.

A Walk Along False Creek || Vancouver Family Photos

When I first met Johnny and Kelly about 6 years ago they declared themselves, “Just friends.” We all knew better. Meet Johnny and Kelly and their sweet little girl. Kelly and Johnny love the city and hoped for photos that echoed their love for it. Photographing this family was easy, they were so relaxed and ready for anything. Even baby L was on board with our adventure. Johnny and Kelly have entered into parenthood with a calm grace. Baby L is a blessed little one. 281A0296.jpg 281A0299.jpg 281A0307.jpg 281A0321.jpg 281A0362.jpg 281A0381.jpg 281A0385.jpg 281A0405.jpg 281A0426.jpg 281A0432.jpg 281A0458.jpg 281A0464.jpg 281A0494.jpg 281A0528-Edit.jpg 281A0535.jpg 281A0548.jpg 281A0597-Edit.jpg 281A0628.jpg 281A0638.jpg

Much Gratitude to Michelle from The VanElles for her lovely knit pouf to Joey from Joey Armstrong Photography for all her help and to False Creek Ferries for the amazing ride along False Creek. The sites don’t get any better than the view from the water.

Four Friends, Four Moms, Four Babies: Langley Maternity Photography

Being pregnant is a blessing, but it can also be very challenging. What a beautiful thing it is, when you get to have a friend to share it with. Well these lovely ladies each had three friends. As the seasons changed we documented them together, before each birth, and again once all the babies were born. As you might notice, the order changed at the end and we are missing a photo because dear little baby M decided to join us early and baby A decided (much to his momma's dismay) to come really late. Thus the last two babies entered this world only days apart. What a celebration. Four babies in almost four months. Welcome to the world you beautiful babies. I just know you'll all be friends.

fourmaternity_01.jpg fourmaternity_02.jpg fourmaternity_03.jpg fourmaternity_04.jpg fourmaternity_05.jpg fourmaternity_06.jpg fourmaternity_07.jpg fourmaternity_08.jpg fourmaternity_09.jpg fourmaternity_10.jpg


The other day after a one year old photo shoot, I asked my assistant if she would like a juice box. I grabbed her juice from the back seat of the car, and as she said, "you're such a mom." I was proceeding to remove the wrapper off her straw... Needless to say, I stopped, and let her finish her own straw. We laughed about it and went on our way. But weeks later, I realize how much of a defining moment that was, how fast I became a mother. How seamlessly, Joshua has fit into our lives. yearone_03.jpg

From the moment he was placed into my arms, I couldn't imagine it any other way. I can no longer watch or hear about sad stories involving kids or babies, without wanting to burst into tears. Motherhood. It only takes a moment to become a mother. One. Tiny. Moment.


Joshua brings so much laughter and joy into our world. He is already an adventurer. He will climb anything he can, and try to climb everything he can't. He never stops trying - or moving! He is always waiting for us with a smile. He could be crying and crying, but we know the tears will dry faster than we can think and out comes his little cheeky grin. The cheekiness is ALL McLeod. (Thanks, Dad) The other day we were hanging out at the Watershed Cafe and he was hamming it up with the lady sitting behind Jason. She turned and said with a bright eyed smile, "you need to make 5 more of him!" Well maybe not 5 more! But first, we need to teach him to share!


Photo Credit: Jason Preston

Waiting for you: Adopting from Haiti || Maple Ridge Maternity Session


Two years ago, around the time I met Candice, she and Kevin started filling out the daunting piles of paperwork, required for the adoption process. They had decided to adopt from Haiti and Haiti allows you to adopt siblings so they might even be able to bring home TWO little ones. Candice and Kevin, they are ready. They are excited. At the beginning of the process Candice wrote a beautiful letter to her baby(ies) .




To my Baby,

There are so many things I want to say to you. I cannot express the excitement and anticipation that Daddy and I have for you. We talk about you every day. Although we don’t know your name or if you’re even born yet, we are extremely excited to meet you. We love you already and have never experienced so much love for a person we’ve never met before. Daddy talks about you constantly… it is the sweetest thing in the world. I fall in love with him all over again when he talks about you and our future together as a family. He is so excited for the day that you will be in our arms, as am I. I dream about that day every day. I wonder what you will be like. I dream about the trips we will take together and the experiences we will have as a family. I know that I will never want to let you go when I first hold you in my arms.

I love you so much already.

Love Mommy.

I am so excited for Candice and Kevin. They are on an incredible life changing Journey. Being a parent, is truly one of God’s beautiful miracles and they will get the joy and privilege of raising a baby (or two) who may have otherwise spent their whole life in an orphanage, or worse. They get to give their babies love and to teach and raise their babies to know a life of love and laughter.

Congrats Candice and Kevin!

website-SPP_0138.jpg website-SPP_0137.jpg website-SPP_0151.jpg website-SPP_0152.jpg website-SPP_0157.jpg website-SPP_0158.jpg website-SPP_0159.jpg

Superman Tshirts God's Little Angels

Pretty in Pink: Vancouver Newborn Portraits

I can't think of a better gift to start off the new year! This beautiful little babe was born on New Years Day. Like her Momma, she already loves all things bright and pink! Or at least she will if her Momma has anything to say about it! Baby L was 6 days old the day of our shoot and she rocked her session with a few shut eye moments. Welcome to the world Baby L. You are so loved. Your Momma just can't get enough.lproofs-2.jpg lproofs-11.jpg lproofs-13.jpg lproofs-12.jpg

Welcome to the World Baby K || Abbotsford Newborn Session

This soon-to-be Toronto Blue Jays fan just melted my heart. An obvious Daddy's girl already, Baby K is 6 days new and what a precious bundle she is. Don't worry little girl, mommy will make sure you get to do girlie things too. What a life you'll have, your parents adore you. 

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Headband by VeeVee's Accessories

Cheesecloth Wraps by Sherriphotos

Promoted to Big Sister || Langley Maternity Photographer

This little sweetheart has been promoted. She is officially a big sister, and she is excellent at her job. I love maternity sessions, lit in natural light. I love casual photos where the kids get to play & photos that show the love of family. These three. I love these three. Mom-to-be is one of my favourites. She has been in my life for 14 years. Thats a good long friend. She's the real deal. Loyal, funny, & honest. She has the biggest servant heart of anyone I know. She has saved my butt on more occasions than I can count. And thing about it, she NEVER complains. That my friends, is a rare gift. I am so grateful for her and so happy for her as she is officially a mom of two. Congratualtions my friends.vancouver maternity photography, langley maternity photographer, maternity, mom-to-be, big sister, purple, natural light, sherri preston, lifestyle photography, mother-daughter, blue eyes vancouver maternity photography, langley maternity photographer, maternity, mom-to-be, big sister, purple, natural light, sherri preston, lifestyle photography, mother-daughter, blue eyes vancouver maternity photography, langley maternity photographer, maternity, mom-to-be, big sister, purple, natural light, sherri preston, lifestyle photography, mother-daughter, blue eyes vancouver maternity photography, langley maternity photographer, maternity, mom-to-be, big sister, purple, natural light, sherri preston, lifestyle photography, mother-daughter, blue eyes

French Vintage Styled Shoot || Hart House Restaurant || Burnaby BC

I love styled shoots. The creative flow, the team effort and collaboration. I love meeting new vendors, who love what they do. A couple years ago I met Jayme from A Unique Boutique, she helped me with my first styled shoot. Not only were her florals amazing, but her commitment to help on the day of the shoot, did not go unoticed. I really appreciated her work ethic and her easy going personality, I hoped we'd work together again. This time around we decided to collaborate together. We planned and pinned and we brought together a fantastic team of vendors. It was so nice to plan a styled shoot with someone. It made everything easier and a lot more fun. In mid December all of our hard work paid off. We were featured by Champange Sweets! Our Team:

"Bride" and "Groom": Asia and Ryan Sanders

Photographer - Sherri Preston Photography Florist - A Unique Boutique Styling - Peach Tree & Co. Stationary - Belle Impressions  Hair Stylist - A` la Mode UpDo's by Alex   Make-up Artist - Kelsey Dickson Makeup Artistry Macarons - Whisked Away Baked Goods Rentals - Past Pieces Venue - Hart House Restaurant   Dresses - Pure Magnolia Assistant - Adielle Martins

website-SPP_0117.jpg website-SPP_0118.jpg website-SPP_0120.jpg website-SPP_0119.jpg website-SPP_0121.jpg website-SPP_0122.jpg website-SPP_0123.jpg website-SPP_0124.jpg website-SPP_0125.jpg website-SPP_0126.jpg website-SPP_0127.jpg website-SPP_0128.jpg website-SPP_0129.jpg

No More Waiting: Introducing Joshua

One week ago our beautiful baby boy made his grand entrance. We named him Joshua, after Joshua in the Bible. Years ago in Bible study, my Pastor gave me a verse. It reads, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 - This is our prayer for Joshua.emily dickinson, joshua 1:9, Bible names, no more waiting, baby, family, friends, c-section, labour, delivery This little boy is perfect to us. We are joined with him in joy and happiness. He is our miracle baby, our gift from God. There were many odds against him during labour but he pulled through, strong and healthy. It was a very long labour that ended in c-section. We prayed for a normal delivery but God new better than we did. A c-section it was, and all of it now, is a blur. People have been telling me for about 9 months that all the trials of pregnancy and labour would become a blur, once I met my little man. I am sort of stunned that this has been true. I can’t believe how fast I fell in love with him. I love love love being a mom. The joy in my heart just wants to burst out and tell the whole world that mommy-hood is the best. We are so happy the waiting is over and that parenthood is here. emily dickinson, joshua 1:9, Bible names, no more waiting, baby, family, friends, c-section, labour, delivery Joshua in all his cuteness, has all sorts of faces that tell us what he wants. The hungry faces are the best! Oh he is so precious. Joshua is a daddy’s boy already. As soon as Jason holds him, he snuggles right in - crying ceases. I love their bond, it is so beautiful. emily dickinson, joshua 1:9, Bible names, no more waiting, baby, family, friends, c-section, labour, delivery emily dickinson, joshua 1:9, Bible names, no more waiting, baby, family, friends, c-section, labour, delivery emily dickinson, joshua 1:9, Bible names, no more waiting, baby, family, friends, c-section, labour, delivery emily dickinson, joshua 1:9, Bible names, no more waiting, baby, family, friends, c-section, labour, delivery Last April my step mom gave us a card with a beautiful handwritten quote “Hope is the things with feathers that perches on the soul, and sings the song without the words, and never stops - at all. “ - Emily Dickinson. Such a fitting quote, as we hoped for Joshua for so long and now here he is.


Sherri, Jason + Joshua

The Martins: Fort Langley Family Photos

Family Day. 2015-02-09_0005.jpg

Many many days ago, I had the privilege of spending a couple hours in Fort Langley, with this amazing family. As I photographed them, they laughed, they joked, we walked and talked and eventually ended the evening with ice cream from Marina's Gelato. Extended family shoots, are one of my favourites. There is always so much love, and warmth and of course there is always fun. You can see the true love this family has for one another, in how they interact, their expressions. They are beautiful.

This shoot, a gift to Grandma for Mother’s Day. And though, I photographed them this past summer, we kept the shoot under wraps so the photos could be a Christmas surprise for even more extended family, and of course, friends. What better day is there to blog these precious photos, about these precious friends of mine, but on family day. So here you go. Meet the Martins - a family that loves, a contagious welcoming love, that makes everyone around them smile.

2015-02-09_0007.jpg 2015-02-09_0008.jpg 2015-02-09_0009.jpg 2015-02-09_0010.jpg

PERSONAL: Waiting for Baby


I feel so creative right now, as I sit here in my final week - hopefully not three - of pregnancy. I can’t shoot and it’s driving me insane. My camera is so neglected. I tweaked my back a few weeks ago which translates into a lot of I hobbling and waddling - it’s quite the hilarious sight! While sitting here, pondering my need to shoot, I plan. I don’t know what life will look like with a baby, but I sure hope it looks like a baby strapped to me with my camera in hand. I hope I get that luxury of little energy bursts and inspiration. I hope i hope i hope. I NEED to shoot. Really, really, really. That said, I hope to post more on future adventures. Adventures with baby!


It’s been a quiet 9 months around here; pregnancy, though an amazing blessing, really knocked me off my game. I can’t remember ever being so tired and sleepless - for such a long period of time! We are down to the wire now. Five days until baby Preston is due. FIVE. How did we get here!? It’s amazing how time sometimes felt at standstill and now, we are here. I can’t wait to meet our little one. There is already so much joy in anticipation. The kicks, the movements are so beautiful. They make it so real. How can this be real. It’s hard to believe in a matter of days we’ll go from me and Jason - to a family of three.


Photos from our trip to California last spring.

For Photographers: How to Plan a Styled Shoot

How to Plan a Styled Shoot My first styled shoot was planned using the post by Jessica M Wood Photography in LA. While her post was invaluable to me. I have been able to learn a few things on my own, things that are maybe more relevant depending on the market you are in. My styled shoots exist out of Vancouver. Some of this post will be regurgitated from hers, but what I learned from actually doing a styled shoot will be highlighted. She has some great visual aids so make sure you check her blog out too.


Brainstorm. Pin ideas on Pinterest so you can share with vendors when they ask. Finalize your ideas. You need a theme, a colour palette. You need all cohesive ideas. Whilst remembering at the end of everything, your idea could evolve into something entirely different. The outcome can depend on how your vendors see your vision, the weather, your designer, what the vendors can actually offer and the space you find.


Research + Vision

Research vendors, find the ones that you think will not only say yes, but the ones who have a style similar to your vision. If they don’t, you may end up with an entirely different look. This happened to me with one of my vendors in another shoot. It was very difficult to incorporate their product into the shoot, and I had to find a way to compensate for what I was now missing since it was a main ingredient and even though it didn’t fit, I still had to shoot their product, to give them photos and credit I had promised.



My first point of contact to vendors is always email, but I don’t see why, in person or phone wouldn’t work. I found email the easiest and least time consuming and met with vendors in person or on the phone once they came on board. Jessica posted her initial email on her blog. You can check that out. Some vendors don’t need that much information first off, but some might, especially if they don’t know of you. I also found being complimentary of a vendors product or service was very helpful. So when I adore a product, I make sure they know it - in my first email.



Create shareable spreadsheets with the vendors name, business, contact info and what they are offering. You can also include links to to your inspirational Pinboards. Giving a vendor something visual helps to keep things cohesive.


Date, Venue + Delivery

Try and and find your venue first. You can’t plan much without your venue. Once you find your venue you can nail down your date. Always have a few dates in mind. Monday’s seem the be the easiest date to get since most wedding vendors take Mondays off. Do keep in mind this may also increase your travel costs. You need to pick up and return items and if vendors are closed on Monday you may have to go a day or two early to pick it up, and then drop it off the day after. Some vendors will bring the item to you. You ALWAYS say yes to this. The less non photography things you have to do, the easier the day will be.


I’ve had potential vendors try and charge me, but you can always find a vendor with your vision who is willing to put in the same effort as you. This is team building, networking and marketing. You don’t need to pay for your styled shoot. Ever.



Find a bride and groom. This can be the most challenging part since styled shoots are often on a weekday. For most couples at least one of them works weekdays. You can go through a modelling agency, but I find that using real couples is more authentic and beautiful. I like to capture their authentic love. Married couples are the best. They really know each other. During a cold wintery styled shoot I had a groom keep touching his wives arm whenever she got goosebumps because he knew they would go away if he touched her. It’s that kind of tenderness you want to convey. Real love gets published.

Meeting Up

Always, always try and meet up with your vendors. Your vision will be more cohesive, you will build a stronger relationship with the vendors. The day of will be less stressful because you’re not meeting 10 new people.


Day off Social Media

Post vendor links + handles and on social media before the shoot, during the shoot and when you get home. Be grateful to the vendors on social media. They worked hard for you.


Shot List

Know before your shoot, what you need to capture. Have a shot list and check it off at you go. So much is happening and before you know it the light changes. In my opinion details are best shot in natural light get those right off the bat, while the designer is setting up, unless you are also the designer then shoot as you are setting up.



Return everything you borrowed the day of or next day. Be punctual to appointments.



Research the blogs you’d like to be posted on. The ones that fit your style and theme. Every photo blog has a different criteria so you need to size your photos and pick your photos according to the rules of each blog. Some blogs are exclusive and some are not. Make sure you read the fine print. In case of rejection, some blogs will give you feedback if you ask nicely. Always ask for feedback, that’s how we get better and always be nice to the Bloggers. Don’t burn bridges. If you treat them nicely, you still have the chance to be published with them one day. Remember they get hundreds if not thousands of submissions. It’s not that your shoot is bad, it’s usually just not what they are looking for at the time.

Social Media When Published

Get it out there! Once the blog is published, publish it on your blog. Put it on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, even YouTube! Get it out there, and give a should out to all the vendors including handles and or links to their websites AND compliments of course!


Thank you

Always say thank you to your vendors and to wherever you get featured. These people are part of your business. They are valuable to you and you to them. Treat them as your team.



Deliver the photos as promised to each vendor. I always deliver upon publication. I don’t release anything until they are published so the publishing blog can do the first reveal. You don’t have to do it this way, but it’s nice to leave it as a surprise.


And that’s it. I hope this helps you! I love doing styled shoots, so I am happy I can share this information with you! I hope you have a great time planning your own!


Click for Vendor List