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We want to tell your story. It’s about you, your moments, your day, your family, your love. You’re here to shine. Photography is about moments, memories. It’s something tangible when memories fade. You can look at an image and remember. You can smile or laugh. You can think, “I did that!” “I love him” “he makes me smile”, “she gives me reason to roll over each morning with a song in my heart” You can giggle at a memory, remember a secret or the joy in your heart when you said, “I do” or when your first babe was on his way. That’s what photography is to me. It’s giving you something to hold on to. It’s a powerful gift for the future. It’s not so much for the now. Though it is lovely in the now. It’s to tell the future you, future family and friends, who past you was. Most of all, it’s YOUR story. Your life.


I am so blessed, that I can say, I love my career. The day it started I was in the media lab in college and I opened my MySpace account (yes MySpace!), and there sat a message from a photographer, who wanted to buy my photos. I was so happy, and this gave me the courage to start my own photography business. In 2007 accomplished international photographer, Anja Hitzenberger, took me on as an intern, and I followed my dream to a second floor walk up in Harlem, New York City. During that humid NY summer I learned a lot about photography, faith + culture. I love to share about this life changing time, so please ask!

In 2010 I met Jason, the love of my life and we married in the summer of 2011. I am the dreamer and he is the rock. A perfect team! Jason’s career as a visual arts teacher makes him an excellent photographer. We often work together at weddings and photo shoots. I love coming home after and seeing the unique moments we have both captured.

What is my inspiration? I adore those moments that reveal the love between family members, friends and couples. I want to capture them in such a way that when you look at your photos years down the road you are brought back to those moments. You remember. That’s what this is all for. A gift for the present, but also for the future.

– Sherri Preston

Photos of Jason + I, captured by Joey Armstrong.

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